18.28 - 18.29 Appendix-I listed species

Decision directed to
Decision directed to:
Subject to available resources, the Secretariat shall:

a) contract consultants, as appropriate, to undertake the following:

i) conduct a rapid assessment of the conservation status of, and legal and illegal trade in, species included in Appendix I;

ii) in consultation with range States, produce detailed assessments on the conservation status, threats, relevance of trade, ongoing
in situ and ex situ conservation strategies or recovery plans and funding/resources available or required for the species concerned and selected; and

iii) produce a report identifying and prioritizing those Appendix-I species that could potentially benefit from future action under CITES; and

b) produce a report with its recommendations to the Animals and Plants Committees for consideration at their 32nd and 26th meetings, respectively.
Decision directed to:
The Animals and Plants Committees shall review the report and recommendations submitted by the Secretariat pursuant to Decision 18.28, paragraph b), and formulate recommendations, as appropriate, for communication to the range States and consideration of the Conference of the Parties at its 19th meeting.