18.122 - 18.124 Guidance for making legal acquisition findings

Decision directed to
Decision directed to:
Parties are invited to:

a) provide to the Secretariat any relevant information, experiences, or examples regarding the use of guidance in Annex 1 to Resolution Conf. 18.7 on
Legal acquisition findings for verifying legal acquisition of CITES specimens to be exported and any relevant information regarding the applicability of the guidance in Annex 1 to the additional circumstances in Annex 2 to Resolution Conf. 18.7; and

b) offer, on request, assistance to developing countries, for the improvement of their capacity to verify legal acquisition, based on nationally identified needs.
Decision directed to:
The Secretariat shall:
a) issue a notification to the Parties requesting input pursuant to paragraph b) of Decision 18.122;
b) report to the Standing Committee on the progress made in the implementation of Resolution Conf. 18.7 on the basis of information, experiences and examples submitted by the Parties;
c) subject to external funding, maintain a dedicated webpage regarding the verification of legal acquisition on the CITES website and update it regularly; and
d) subject to external funding, organize workshops and other capacity-building activities related to the implementation of Resolution Conf. 18.7 and disseminate training material for the verification of the legal acquisition of CITES specimens.
Decision directed to:
The Standing Committee shall monitor progress in the implementation of Resolution Conf. 18.7, and, assess the report submitted by the Secretariat regarding the implementation of the Resolution by the Parties and where appropriate, make recommendations for improving the verification of legal acquisition by the Parties for submission to the 19th meeting of the Conference of the Parties.