17.192 (Rev. CoP18) - 17.193 (Rev. CoP18) Precious corals (Order Antipatharia and family Coralliidae)

Decision directed to
17.192 (Rev. CoP18)
Decision directed to:
The Animals Committee is requested to:
a) analyse the outcomes of the precious coral survey and the FAO study and prepare recommendations, as appropriate, on actions needed to enhance the conservation and sustainable harvest and use of all precious corals in international trade; and
b) report these recommendations to the Standing Committee at its 73rd meeting.
17.193 (Rev. CoP18)
Decision directed to:
The Standing Committee is requested to consider the information and recommendations of the Animals Committee, made in accordance with Decision 17.192 (Rev. CoP18), and make its own recommendations, as appropriate, for communication to the Parties or for consideration at the 19th meeting of the Conference of the Parties.