18.205 - 18.208 Boswellia trees (Boswellia spp.)

Decision directed to:
The Secretariat shall issue a Notification to the Parties and, as appropriate, liaise with relevant stakeholders of Boswellia trade, requesting the following information:

a) biological data on
Boswellia species, including population size, distribution, status and population trends, identification information, and its role in the ecosystem in which it occurs;

b) available information about harvest and exploitation levels, trade names, stakeholders close to the harvest of the species and supply chain characteristics for domestic consumption and international trade;

c) information on threats to these species, especially as it pertains to the underlying causes of poor regeneration capability and the impact of harvest on these species;

d) information on any initiatives to artificially propagate these species or produce plantations of them;

e) existing regulations and ownership structures pertaining to the species, and their habitat, drivers of habitat trends and management measures in place or under development, including sustainable harvest practices; and

f) suggestions for meetings or other venues that might provide opportunities to collaborate or share information regarding harvest and management of these species.
Decision directed to:
The Secretariat shall compile and submit for consideration of the Plants Committee information received as per Decision 18.205.
Decision directed to:
Plants Committee
The Plants Committee shall review the information received and other relevant information available to it regarding the status, management, and trade in Boswellia species, highlighting key gaps in knowledge and making recommendations to inform further efforts to address the sustainable use and conservation of these species, including whether any of the species meet the criteria for listing under CITES.
Decision directed to:
Range States and Parties involved in management, propagation, or trade of Boswellia species are encouraged to provide information to the Secretariat, as requested in Decision 18.205.