18.327 - 18.330 Products containing specimens of Appendix-II orchids

Decision directed to:
Subject to available resources, the Secretariat shall:
a) assess the potential conservation impact of exempting orchid products and derivatives (wild and artificially propagated) from CITES controls, thereby completing the work already initiated on orchids used in the production of cosmetics and personal care products, and considering orchids used in other commodities (e.g. medicinals);
b) where necessary and appropriate to complement the assessment under paragraph a), seek pertinent information from Parties and relevant stakeholder groups, including industry, such as
i) on the trade in orchid products from source to final product, including the identification of the major industry sectors involved in the trade;
ii) how non-detriment findings and legal acquisition findings are made;
iii) traceability along the supply and value chains; and
iv) conservation concerns for wild populations; and
c) analyse the information received under paragraphs a) and b) with a view towards potential conservation impacts of trade in products containing orchids and derivatives of orchids, highlight any knowledge gaps, and report to the Plants Committee.
Decision directed to:
Parties are encouraged to:
a) submit pertinent information as requested in Decision 18.327 to the Secretariat; and
b) provide assistance to the Secretariat in reaching out to other stakeholders and user groups that may be able to support this work.
Decision directed to:
Plants Committee
The Plants Committee shall:
a) consider the outcomes of Decision 18.327;
b) in consultation with the Standing Committee, as appropriate, review the current annotation for Appendix II-listed orchids, and suggest amendments; and
c) make recommendations to the Standing Committee.
Decision directed to:
Standing Committee
The Standing Committee shall consider the recommendations of the Plants Committee and make recommendations to the 19th meeting of the Conference of the Parties.