Fomento de capacidad


The term ‘capacity building’ generally constitutes the development of activities and materials that support the acquisition of specific knowledge and skillset to better understand and implement the provisions of the Convention.

CITES Virtual College

CITES Virtual College provides access to training tools, references, ID materials, and more.

Financial resources/mechanisms for capacity building (Dec. 17.34)


Other opportunities for capacity building 


Secretariat efforts on capacity building

Capacity needs assessment (2013-2016)

In implementing Decision16.30-31 on Needs assessment for strengthening the implementation of CITES, a questionnaire was sent to assess the capacity needs of Parties. 46 Parties responded, and the summary was sent to SC66 for review.

>>> Go to the full assessment result (SC66 Doc. 20.2 (Rev. 1))

Is the training sufficient? (Management Authorities)