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New Zealand non-detriment finding for spinetail devil ray (Mobula japanica) New Zealand SA -- --
New Zealand non-detriment finding for smooth hammerhead shark
(Sphyrna zygaena)
New Zealand SA -- --
New Zealand non-detriment finding for silky shark (Carcharhinus falciformis) New Zealand SA -- --
New Zealand non-detriment finding for porbeagle shark (Lamna nasus) New Zealand SA -- --
Export of wild scalloped hammerhead, great hammerhead, and smooth hammerhead shark harvested in the commercial fishery by US fisherman in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico in the 2017 harvest season U.S. SA -- --
Export of common thresher harvested in the commercial fishery by U.S. fisherman in the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean Sea in the 2017 and 2018 harvest season U.S. SA -- --
Export and introduction from the sea of wild porbeagle shark harvested in the commercial fishery by US fisherman in 2017 U.S. SA -- --
Non-Detriment Finding (NDF) of India for Shark and Ray Species in Indian waters  India SA -- --
Non-Detriment Finding (NDF) of Sri Lanka for Silky sharks Sri Lanka MA -- --
Non-Detriment Finding (NDF) of Sri Lanka for Hammerhead sharks Sri Lanka MA -- --
Pacific NDF Template for the Scalloped Hammerhead (Sphyrna lewini) JCU-CSTFA -- --
NDF for 5 CITES Appendix II shark species: Scientific information for NDF development, advice on fisheries management information Australia SA -- --
Shark NDF Guidance Germany SA

NDF-guideline for aquatic species

Japan MA -- --
Trade of CITES-listed sharks: Japan's experience on NDFs Japan MA -- --
NDF Guideline for Manta Rays (Notification 2015/027) Spain MA -- --
NDF for three hammerhead species (Sphyrna lewiniS. mokkaranS. zygaena(Notification 2015/027) U.S. SA

NDF for the porbeagle shark (Lamna nasus) (Notification 2015/027) U.S. SA --
NDF for silky shark 2018 (Carcharhinus falciformis) Indonesia SA -- --
NDF for Alopias spp. 2020 (Notification 2020/016) Costa Rica -- --
NDF for Carcharhinus falciformis 2020-2021 (Notification 2020/016) Costa Rica -- --
NDF for Sphyrna spp. 2020-2021 (Notification 2020/016) Costa Rica -- --
General advice for shortfin mako (Isurus oxyrinchus) 2019-2020 in Pacific Oceans (Notification 2020/016) U.S. SA -- --
NDF for wild-caught bentfin devil ray (Mobula thurstoni) (Notification 2020/016) U.S. SA -- --
NDF for wild-caught lesser devil ray (Mobula hypostoma) (Notification 2020/016) U.S. SA -- --
NDF for wild-caught oceanic manta ray (Manta birostris) (Notification 2020/016) U.S. SA -- --
NDF for shortfin mako (Isurus oxyrinchus) (Notification 2020/016) New Zealand SA -- --
Manual de procedimientos para emitir consideraciones técnicas por especie para la formulación de Dictámenes de Extracción No Perjudicial (NDF): Tiburones Mexico SA -- --
Dictamen de Extracción No Perjudicial (DENP) para las especies del Género Alopias 2021 Guatemala SA -- --
Dictamen de Extracción No Perjudicial (DENP) para Carcharhinus falciformis Guatemala SA -- --


Información general
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 Proyecto UE-CITES en las especies acuáticas - series de notas: sostenibilidad (EN/FR/ES), trazabilidad (EN/FR/ES), legalidad (EN/FR/ES), asociaciones (EN/FR/ES), cooperación con FAO (EN/FR/ES), con la Universidad James Cook (EN/FR/ES), con CICAA (EN/FR/ES), con SEAFDEC (EN/FR/ES), con IOTC (EN/FR/ES) (2016) -- -- --

Folleto conjunto CITES-FAO "Aplicación de las inclusiónes en los apéndices de la CITES de tiburones y mantarrayas 2013-2016" (2015, 2016)

CITES folleto "Evaluación de la capacidad de determinados países seleccionados de África, Asia y América Latina para aplicar las nuevas inclusiones de tiburones y mantarrayas en los Apéndices de la CITES" (2015)
FAInternational training course in fisheries statistics and data collection (FIPS/1091 Circular, Rome) (únicamente en inglés)  (2015) -- --
EU-CITES project update: Information documents from the 27th meeting of the CITES Animals Committee (AC27 Inf.5) and 65th meeting of the CITES Standing Committee (SC65 Inf.24) (únicamente en inglés)  (2014)   -- --
Resumen de las medidas actuales establecidas por las organizaciones regionales de ordenación pesquera (OROP) para la conservación y gestión de los tiburones [CITES Decisión 16.128, párrafo b]: Draft as at March 2014 (final interactive version to be hosted by FAO) (únicamente en inglés) -- --
Folleto conjunto CITES-FAO "Breve introducción: inclusión de tiburones en la CITES" (2013)
Presentaciónes sobre tiburones
Título Presentado por ING FR ES PT*
1 - La FAO, la CITES, la pesca y la acuicultura CITES/FAO

2 - Introducción a la CITES CITES/FAO

3 - La CITES y los tiburones y mantarrayas CITES/FAO

4 - Nuevas inclusiones de tiburones y mantarrays: ¿qué deben hacer las Partes a partir del 14 de septiembre de 2014? - Sostenibilidad CITES/FAO

5 - Nuevas inclusiones de tiburones y mantarrays: ¿qué deben hacer las Partes a partir del 14 de septiembre de 2014? - Trazabilidad CITES/FAO

6 - Nuevas inclusiones de tiburones y mantarrays: ¿qué deben hacer las Partes a partir del 14 de septiembre de 2014? - Legalidad  CITES/FAO


7 - Los dictámenes de extracción no perjudicial (DENP) y el examen del comercio significativo de la CITES CITES/FAO

8 - Introducción Procedente del Mar (IPM)   CITES/FAO

"Preparing for implementation - requirements for CITES shark listings (video). Presentation given at the Latin American and the Carribean Regional Workshop on Listed Sharks in CITES App.II, Recife, Brazil (3-4 Dec 2013) OAS video -- -- --

* Submitted by Portugal Management Authority.



Título presentado por ING FR ES otras lenguas
 Summary of information for the consideration of Non-Detriment Findings for Scalloped, Great and Smooth Hammerhead, and Giant and Reef Manta Rays (2016) JCU - CSTFA -- -- --
Case study: Catch documentation and traceability of shark products in Costa Rica (2016) CITES Secretariat -- -- --
On board guide for the identification of pelagic sharks and rays for the Wester Indian Ocean (2015) FAO (IOC-SmartFish) -- --
Traceability study in shark products (SC66 Inf.11) (2015) CITES Secretariat -- -- --
Traceability systems in the CITES context: A review of experiences, best practices and lessons learned for the traceability of commodities of CITES-listed shark species (SC66 Inf.12) (2015) TRAFFIC/CITES Secretariat -- -- --
Guía de buenas prácticas para reducir la mortalidad de los tiburones y las rayas capturados de manera accidental por buques cerqueros atuneros tropicales (2015) Spain MA -- -- --
Sharks of the Arabian Seas - An identification guide  (2015) IFAW -- -- --
Issues for t-RFMOs in relation to the listing of shark and ray species by CITES with particular reference to the IOTC (IOTC, WPEB10) (Oct 2014)   IOTC -- -- --
Development of a rapid management-risk assessment method for fish species through its applications to sharks (AC27 Doc.22.4) (2014) UK MA --
Development of a rapid management-risk assessment method for Fish species through its application to sharks: Framework and Results (AC27 Inf.6) (2014) UK MA -- -- --
Progress report II of the targeted research on Indian mackerel and sharks and Plan of Action for conservation and management of shark resources  (Sept 2012 to Aug 2014)  AFRDEC -- -- --
Sharks and rays in Thailand: Summary report, 2004-2014 (2014) AFRDEC -- -- --
Conclusions on the development of an action plan for the implementation of the shark and ray listings under CITES by member range states in the African region - press release (Dakar, Senegal, 12-14 Aug 2014)   Senegal MA -- -- --
Shark NDF workshop report, including case studies (Bonn, Germany, 20-21 Aug 2014) Germany SA -- -- --
Introduction From the Sea (IFS) information sheet* - Arabic, English, French, Portugese and Spanish versions (2013) - *NOTE: As of July 2015, there are 181 Parties NOAA AR, PT
Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) executive summaries for species of tuna and tuna-like species under IOTC-mandate, and other species impacted by IOTC fisheries: Oceanic whitetip shark and Scalloped hammerhead shark (2013) IOTC   -- -- --
Into the deep: Implementing CITES-measures for commercially valuable  sharks and manta rays (2013) TRAFFIC -- -- --
Visual identification of fins from common elasmobranchs in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean (2013) NOAA -- -- --
Sharks: conservation, fishing and international trade (2008) Spain -- --


Bibliographic database for CITES-listed sharks and rays 

The online database at provides a comprehensive scientific bibliography on the chondrichthyan fishes: sharks, skates, rays and chimaeras and can be consulted by species. The following links, provided here by kind permission of Jürgen Pollerspöck, lead to descriptions of each species listed in the CITES Appendices, including further links to relevant species entries on Fishbase, the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, Eschmeyer’s Catalog of Fishes hosted by the California Academy of Sciences website, and a complete list of species-specific references.

Common Name (Link to the
Scalloped hammerhead Sphyrna-lewini
Great hammerhead Sphyrna-mokarran
Oceanic whitetip shark Carcharhinus longimanus
Smooth hammerhead Sphyrna-zygaena
Great white shark Carcharodon-carcharias
Porbeagle Lamna-nasus
Basking Shark Cetorhinus-maximus
Whale Shark Rhincodon-typus
Reef Manta Ray Manta-alfredi
Giant Oceanic Manta Ray Manta-birostris
Dwarf sawfish Pristis-clavata
Common sawfish Pristis-pristis, Pristis microdon
Smalltooth sawfish Pristis-pectinata
Longcomb sawfish Pristis-zijsron
Knifetooth sawfish Anoxypristis-cuspidata