Notification to the Parties

No. 1999/64 Geneva, 30 September 1999



Marking of Prionailurus bengalensis

1. In August 1995, the Secretariat informed the Parties, by Notification to the Parties No. 869, of a marking system devised by China for the export of specimens of Prionailurus bengalensis (leopard cat), in particular skins, plates and garments. The Management Authority of China has recently informed the Secretariat that it has stopped using the tag described in that Notification, and has designed a new tag to replace it.

2. The new tag comprises a white rectangular card, to be attached to the specimen by a plastic string lock. The recto of each tag bears a black CITES logo, which appears red under ultraviolet light. On the reverse side, the words "TAG FOR EXPORT OF PRODUCTS OF Prionailurus bengalensis" are printed in the top half with corresponding Chinese characters above. For tags with serial numbers from 0000001 to 0060000, the above English text is printed on a sticker pasted on the tag. The serial number is printed in the middle of the tag. To the left of the serial number are the letters "No:". The right, vertical line of the "N" comprises the letters 'CITESCITESCITES', only discernible under magnification. The words "PRINTED BY THE ENDANGERED SPECIES IMPORT AND EXPORT MANAGEMENT OFFICE OF THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA" are printed in the bottom half, with corresponding Chinese characters above. All the printing is in black, except for the serial number, which is red.

3. A sample of the tag
recto and verso
is shown on the right.