No. 2001/052
Geneva, 10 August 2001

Notification to the Parties



Trade in specimens of Cyanopsitta spixii

1. This Notification is being sent at the request of the Management Authority of Brazil, the Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Natural Renewable Resources (IBAMA), which is seeking the cooperation of all Parties to achieve appropriate control of international trade in specimens of Cyanopsitta spixii (Spix’s macaw).

2. This Appendix-I species is endemic to Bahia state, north-east Brazil, and is included in the Brazilian list of species in danger of extinction. It is considered the most endangered species of psittacine in the world, with no population remaining in the wild (the single bird previously known to exist in the wild has not been seen since October 2000) and about 60 individuals known to exist in captivity.

3. In 1990, IBAMA, through Portaria No. 1638, established the Permanent Committee for the Recovery of the Spix's Macaw, whose members are the Government of Brazil, experts in subjects related to captive-breeding and holders of captive birds. In the same year, the Government of Brazil declared that, exceptionally, it would not confiscate the birds that were included in the official management plan for the species. In 1996, through Portaria No. 035, the deadline for joining the captive-breeding programme was extended until 30 October 1996.

4. The management plan indicates that all specimens held in captivity should be managed as a single population, with the aim of increasing the captive population for future reintroduction into the wild. For this reason, transfers of birds between holders are sometimes necessary in order to achieve the most genetically desirable pairings.

5. The Government of Brazil has expressed the wish that, in order to benefit the conservation of the species to the greatest extent possible, international transfers of specimens of Spix’s macaw be authorized only if they are in accordance with the management plan and endorsed by the Brazilian Government.

6. Consequently, the Government of Brazil earnestly requests all Parties not to issue permits or certificates for import, export or re-export specimens of Spix's macaw without consulting the Brazilian Management Authority.